Remote Controlled Dolls House Lighting

Control up to 24 lighting outputs from your armchair with our new remote control dolls house lighting units.

All lights connected to the controller can be turned off/on and individually dimmed turned into fires or candles from the remote control handset.

There is also  a save feature key, which stores all settings in memory, so after turning the IR remote controller off, it remembers all the bulb settings off/on,  dimmed wire level and candle flicker rate.

When next turned on the house lights are restored, including the dimming and simulated candle and fire settings.

Programmable feature to turn on/off whole blocks of dolls house lights, simulated dolls house fires and and candles.

You can program up to 10 groups containing as many outputs as you like, allowing you to turn on a whole floor with a couple of key presses. The blocks are saved, and restored after being turned off.

The controller also has an all lights on and all lights off feature in addition to restoring the status of all the outputs prior to being turned off.

The remote controller can also be connected to other external items such as a dolls house smoking chimney.

Full handset and wiring instructions included.