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MK-001-ARC Simulated Arc Welder Instructions

Simulated arc welder overview   The MK-001-ARC is a unit dedicated to simulating the look of a flashing arc welder.  The effects are created by using a super bright cool white LED inconjuction with a blue LED. There are 2 outputs, one controls the white LED and the other controls the blue LED. The 2 […]

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MK-005 for Garden lights

Another use for the MK-005 Remote control unit

As you can see, our MK-005 dolls house and model railway remote control unit is not just limited to miniatures. I have used an MK-005 and an Expansion board to control the garden lights, water faeture and decking heaters by remote control in my home. The units are located in what we call the barn […]

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MK-001 Fire and Candle Simulator Instructions

The MK-001 Dolls House Fire and Candle simulators are available in 2 Channel or 4 Channel versions, both are connected and operate the same way except for the number of outputs. All outputs operate independently to each other and therefor can simulate up to 4 miniature candles or dolls house fires in a close vicinity […]

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Our Tudor Dining Room

Following an enormous amount of interest in our new MK-005 remote control dolls house lighting unit and being besieged with requests for a video showing how to operate it and illustrate all of it’s features. We felt the need to produce a video showing off the stunning effects created. I turned to my good friend […]

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MK-003 Simple Wiring Connector Instructions

The MK-003 Simple Wiring Connector provides an easy method of connecting up to 12 switchable outputs to one single power source. It is designed to operate on 12V DC. Individual outputs can be switched on and off and have an indicator to display the status. It is ideal for connecting and switching 12 volt dolls […]

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MK-004 PPI Instructions

It is not straight forward to display the status (position) of a point motor as the power to move the track segment is only applied for a fraction of a second, therefor the switch output cannot be used to power a LED or indicator bulb. The reason the power is only applied for a short […]

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MK-005 Remote Control Dolls House Lighting Instructions

Contents The standard MK-005 remote control dolls house and model scenery lighting controller including model railway layouts is supplied with 3 components. The Main Control Unit, this is the heart of the model remote control lighting system and is where all the electrical connections are made, the unit also has 11 LEDs to indicate the […]

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