Low Power Fire/Stove Flicker Lighting effects with 6 Independent output channels.



The controller has six outputs, the flickering/shimering effects from each of the outputs is different. Each output can power two standard dolls house bulbs. (50ma x 2), so it could be used with up to 12 fires or stoves. The rate/speed of flicker can be set on the switch settings. For some very interesting effects you could put 2 bulbs in each fire. (this would mean that you would only be able to use the controller on 6 fires and not 12) For example a fire could have 1 bulb connected to output 1 and a second connected to output 2. as the outputs all flicker independently of each other the resulting effects in the fire are quite stunning. This fire/stove effects unit can also be controlled by our Infrared remote control. This product was designed by us and is still currently manufactored by us. We are therefore able to offer full technical telephone/email support if required.

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Weight 3 kg