Power Supply Details

We can supply a range of power supplies to suit the smallest to the largest of houses.
From a 1amp output (20 bulbs) up to 7amps (140 bulbs)
Power supplies used within the dolls house lighting market full into 3 groups.
(1) 12v AC This is the cheapest type of power supply But!
(2) 12v regulated DC These can tend to be large and get rather warm/hot.
(3) And the newer switched mode type, they are small and generate very little heat.
These are the Rolls Royce of power supplies, and the type we stock.
Power supplies or Transformers as they are also called reduce the domestic mains power supply (240 Volts) to a safe voltage for use with dolls house lights.
This is 12 volts, and the voltage all dolls house lights work on.
The power supply determines the number of bulbs you can operate in the house, remember it is the number of bulbs and not the number of lights.
A good rule of thumb is that:
20 bulbs require a 1 AMP power supply.
40 bulbs would require a 2 AMP power supply etc.
When considering the size of the power supply you need, always go up a size.
This will give you spare capacity for the future should you change or add to the lighting.
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