The MK-001 Dolls House Fire and Candle simulators are available in 2 Channel or 4 Channel versions, both are connected and operate the same way except for the number of outputs. All outputs operate independently to each other and therefor can simulate up to 4 miniature candles or dolls house fires in a close vicinity all with different effects. Using 2 outputs in one miniature fireplace enhances the effect.

The MK-001 operates from a regulated 12V DC power supply. Up to two 50mA bulbs or five LEDs can be connected in parallel to each output. Note each LED should have it’s own resistor connected in series.




When connecting a conventional bulb to an output, the wires may be connected either way round, however the polarity of LEDs must be observed.

The longer lead of the LED is the Anode (A) and is the positive lead. The shorter lead is the Kathode (also spelt Cathode), this is the negative connection. This lead is also denoted by the flat side on the LED. Do not connect an LED directly to an output unless the LED has an inbuilt resistor to operate at 12 volts. An 820 Ohm resistor should be connected between the A output and the Anode of the LED as shown above. If there is more than 1 LED connected to a single output then they should also have an individual resistor connected in series. See our article on Calculating the value of resistors for use with LEDs in our technical section


Shown below is the wiring required to connect an LED to output 1. Note that the positive output (A)  is connected to the Anode of the LED. The Anode of a LED is denoted by the longer lead. The negative output (K) is connected to the Kathode of the LED, this is the shorter lead. The Kathode is also denoted by a flat on the base of the LED. The connections shown in dotted lines illustrate how to connect additional LEDs to the same output. Up to five LEDs can be connected to each of the dolls house flicker unit outputs.


Unlike the LED connections, dolls house lights, candles and fires using a conventional bulb can be connected either way round. The light is shown connected to output 4. This could also be a dolls house candle, miniature fireplace or a model railway miniature flickering oil lamp. The dotted lines show how an additional bulb should be connected. A maximum of two 50mA bulbs can be connected to each output.


The MK-001 simulated miniature fire unit operates from a regulated 12V DC power supply. For correct operation the power supply must display the symbol below. Click here for a suitable Power Supply


Note LEDs, Bulbs and Resistors are not included with this unit but are available separately