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Q: Infra-red remote points controller

Am I right in assuming that the second output for led’s could be used for signals and they would change
when the points are changed.
A: Yes, the second LED output could be used for signals. But as the output is only 5 volts there could be some
voltage loses over long wire lenghts. (over 1 metre)

Q: 24 channell Infra-red remote control model IRMP

Hi, you say in the description that this can do 4 lights per room. In one of my rooms there are 7
lights (a kitchen). Obviously they wouldn’t all be on at the same time but would I still be able to
use this remote control. Is there a way round this? .
A: You could put 4 of the lights on one output, for example output No 1.
Then the other 3 on output No 2. (This would use 2 of the 24 outputs).
Or 2 lights on output No 1, 2 on output No 2 2 on output No 3 and 1 on output No 4.
(This would use 4 of the 24 outputs).