Candle Effects

The flicker controller has been designed to simulate a candle in a drafty room.
We have to simulate under these conditions as without the draft the candle would never flicker and would look like any other bulb in your dolls house.
To achieve this flicker affect we have had to use some artistic license, The results are however quite stunning.

There is currently nothing available that can match this products realism

The candle flicker unit also has an input connecter, for linking to our infrared remote controller.
It is then possibly to control all of the outputs on candle flicker unit from the remote handset.
With the remote controller linked up and connected to the flicker controller, the bulbs connected to the flicker outputs can be indivdually turned off/on from the remote handset.

(Please also see our dolls house remote controller information)

The flicker unit also has 4 speeds which affect the rate of flickering these are set from switches.
This is really a personal thing as some customers will like a faster flicker, and some slower.
However the choice is there.

Technical stuff (you can skip this bit)

The microprocessor which controls the flicker unit uses a combination of 4 random brightness levels and 56 random timings.
The 56 random timings control the length of the brightness level. This is over all of the outputs.
No two being the same unless the same random number appears.
This creates a truly random and authentic effect on the candle bulbs.

The software also weights the random numbers i.e. the dimmest output level is programmed to be shorter than the other 3 brightness levels.
The dim level is also always followed by full brightness this gives one of the units flash/flicker drafty room effects.

All the wiring is connected by screw terminal blocks and the unit is fuse protected for safety.