Plug & Wire Details

To assist with your dolls house lighting and the wiring in your dolls house we have several extender boards, giving you a very neat wiring installation. These boards will except the tiny white plugs fitted to most of todays dolls house lights. The extender board below has two seperate fused 12v input terminal blocks, (left and right of picture) The wires at the ends of the board would then be attached to a transformer/power supply. These 12v inputs supply the output termimal blocks, two banks of 5.

PW1 Picture
We also produce a larger version of our dolls house lighting extender board above.
This has the same 2 fused inputs, but has two output banks of 10 terminals.
PW2 picture
The wire extender board shown above has 5 seperate inputs and 5 outputs. The inputs will except the tiny white plugs fitted to most of todays type of dolls house lights. This board is ideal for extending dolls house lighting wires where individual control of lights is required. For extending the wires twin core flat door bell wire is easy to use, and cheap to buy, (local DIY store) as shown in the top of the picture above.

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